Noon — A multi-format publishing platform creating new artefacts and connections

Noon is a multi-format publishing platform creating new artefacts and connections

Caspar Heinemann

Queer Mysticism, Feral Communism & The Body of Text


Started from the primordial soup, now I’m here. The terms of this title are a sequence of trojan horses I use to avoid explaining, to evoke and access space outside of explanation or representation when I know that is what is being demanded of me. To defend myself I’m going to conjure a vast deceptively literal archetype and hide behind its almost-already potential, and align myself with the conceptual spirit world. Which isn’t to say that I don’t want to be here, or see my purpose as theory- troll; I actually love storytelling. My starting point is assuming earnest intentions, recognising that art and academia operate as mythologies, and trying to create and discover nourishing myths. For example: A folk tale of two brothers, or lovers, called Deleuze and Guattari and their quest through the swamp to discover the secrets of roots, lives on through the generations to become a practice of putting tropical plants in white rooms and meditating on them to try and understand the world or a concept or the aura of the object of the concept.