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Noon is a multi-format publishing platform creating new artefacts and connections

Armin Raznahan

Waveform Transmission Vol.4


ARMIN RAZNAHAN: So I’d spent some time think about the intersection between ideas around reproduction and transformation and evolution and, I guess, they all seem to be related somehow, to me – and biology, and the work you create. And I don’t know whether you had had any thoughts, or whether the magazine theme had triggered any reflections in your mind.

JEFF MILLS: Well, I mean, I mean, um, you know, creating music or art, I think you have a very similar sense, from the idea of creating something from nothing – that there must be some design pattern or some type of thought about something for practical reasons or, I guess, some type of moral connection for the listener. There is a certain amount of, I guess, characteristic type designing I suppose, that goes with it, and...

AR: You mean the intentional act of creating is there, in a purely artistic sense, or in science?

JM: Yeah, in a certain sense intentional. But then, you know, characteristics...In other words, I play certain keys, as opposed to hitting other keys and I tend to do that by habit and my character by the setting that I’m trying to put myself. And it comes out as, you know, people recognise it as a certain, as a particular style I suppose. So yeah, I mean, in a non-descript way, yeah I suppose it can be similar.